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November 18, 2004 |

Post to the Host:

I've listened for many years and have always enjoyed the show. The fact that it offered something for everyone in the family without any offensive language or inappropriate remarks made it possible for me to listen with my children and grandchildren. I see that as changing — and wish it would stop. Saturday night’s joke about not knowing whether to "scratch your watch or wind your balls" was tasteless and certainly not family material.

Judith Bandieri
Pawtucket, RI

I thought about whether to include that joke or not and came down on the side of inclusion, but when I think of you and your grandchildren listening to it and you getting upset, then I start to wonder if it was a good idea. I can imagine someone saying that joke in my parents’ house and they would’ve been a little shocked but they might’ve been secretly amused, too. My dad grew up on a farm and a farmboy’s sense of humor is a little earthier. My mother would’ve been offended, and yet — she might have laughed, despite herself. I admit, however, that I wouldn’t have been the one telling that joke to my parents. I tend to be pretty decorous in person and avoid even common profanity — for some reason it irritates me more now than it used to — but of course among friends I can tell a risqué joke, and maybe that’s why I told that one on the air. But I certainly didn’t want to offend you and I hope you know that.

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