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Dear Garrison, I started to

November 15, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
I started to listen your show from February to June 2003 when I was in Concord, MA, as a visiting researcher. Your show was a Saturday gift and you really changed my mind and my feelings about USA. I made a lot of audiocassettes during that season and I continue to listen to this private archive every Saturday evening — just as a little part of American life. Thank you for your work. Please, continue!

Yevgeny Patarakin
Nizhny Novgod, Russia

Dear Yevgeny,
Please send along your mailing address and we'll send you off a shipment of new tapes of new shows. It's a privilege to have you in the audience. And of course you can hear the show on the Internet, if you so desire. Thank you for the letter. We will be sure to use our Russian character, Dr. Kamarinskaya, in the near future, rhapsodizing about the moon in the birches.

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