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Dear Garrison, Would you put

November 2, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
Would you put together a special edition of your parodies of classical literature and authors? A little something for us English teachers? One of the most successful lessons I teach uses your parody of "Casey at the Bat." That really fetches the freshmen.

Nearly every time I listen to your show, I hear something I wish I could use in class. But I'm afraid of the technology it takes to record stuff, and then, there are copyright issues.

Teresa Howell

I am tickled pink that you use my old "Casey" poem and that your kids enjoy it. And parody is a great writing exercise for a youngster. (For me, too.) "Casey" is a staple for parody and "A Visit From St. Nicholas" and the poems of Emily Dickinson and "To be or not to be" from Hamlet and the William Carlos Williams poem about the cold plums in the icebox — so many lovely targets. You can find most of my parodies in the archives on this website, and if you use them in class, just put my name under them in small letters.

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