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October 28, 2004 |

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First let me say that I TRULY enjoy your radio show though I STRONGLY disagree with you political views!

Mr. Keillor, as a staunch Republican and a "poor" American I have to question your liberal view of poverty in America. I assume you are referring to incomes and empty stomachs?

As a person who's yearly income is well below the "poverty line" I have to say that in this day and age we don't know what poverty is in America. We think it has to do with dollar signs and empty stomachs... I will argue with the words (paraphrased) of Mother Teresa, "Poverty is taking the life of an innocent (unborn child/Abortion) so that one may live as they want." That indeed is poverty and it happens to be the BRAIN CHILD (no pun intended) of the Democrat Party. That is the poverty that I a "POOR" (under 12k in annual income) Republican am concerned about. True government sponsored poverty.

Our poverty is spiritual. We have put ourselves at the helm of the ship and we are reaping what we deserve if the American light is truly fading. We've sown our wild oats and the harvest is coming in.

It's not the governments job to feed, cloth and house the masses... it is the job of the masses first to WORK and provide for themselves then look to the needs of their neighbor.

The Democrats are looking to stir class warfare in this country to keep their fannies in the seats of power. Offering Abortion on demand as the easy out is just one of their enticements. Blaming others for ones position is indeed the hallmark of your party.

Blame away Mr. Keillor!

Though I am lacking in income I TOTALLY agree with the Republican concept of creating advantageous CORPORATE conditions. Unfortunately it is in large part the LABOR UNIONS of which I will have no part of that have driven many of our American Businesses to OUTSOURCE jobs.

Thanks for reading my rant!

Jud Epting
Nashville, TN

Dear Jud,
Thanks for your letter. It's always good to hear from Republicans and good of you to share your opinions and I trust that they bring you great satisfaction and comfort in these troubling times.

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