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October 25, 2004 |

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I started reading Cat, You Better Come Home to my grandson Frankie, who just turned three. Before this book I could never hold his attention long enough to finish other books. And getting him to bed was a major task. Now all I have to do is hold up the book and he drops whatever he's doing and comes running. Bedtime is no longer a problem and Frankie reads the pages to me. It is a wonderful book that never bores us. I looked for more children's books authored by you and was only able to find The Old Man Who Loved Cheese. Are there more children's books authored by you?

Nancy Collins

The success is all in your performance, not in the book itself, though the artwork is pretty amazing, the cold glassy eyes of the cat, the pitiful paws on the frosty cold window, and so forth. I have another children's book coming out this fall, called Daddy's Girl. Maybe this one won't be for Frankie, though. Mostly it's for my daughter.

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