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Mr. Keillor, I've enjoyed the

October 25, 2004 |

Mr. Keillor,
I've enjoyed the show for years; for that a hearty thanks. The past few years since 9/11 have been,to say the least, "odd" for many Americans. PHC has been a staple around our place because even if we occassionally felt the pin prick of having our own idiosyncracies paraded across the PHC stage, it wasn't like the acrimony and fear-mongering of so much of media, left and right, these days. We listened because even if we felt 'exposed' by your creative antics, still we felt respected.

Something's changed. I have come to realize that over the past year I've grown tense listening to PHC. I now sit enjoying a tune or a skit and then brace myself, awaiting the "oh isn't that witty" comment that cuts with acrimony and the above-it-all-snear at a President and his party who, believe it or not, may actually think they're doing the right thing. You have a platform and can do as you please I guess, but it seems that painting a one dimensional image of people you disagree with isn't very much in keeping with the spirit of Americana you do so well with otherwise. Please stop. Please don't grow cynical, that tempting addiction facing all who reach elderhood.

Then as light my Saturday night fire on the edge of the wood here in Maine, I won't have to brace for another typical media affront, I can get back to laughing at myself as well as those I may disagree with politically.

Warm, Earnest Regards,
Chris Finn
Hope, Maine

Sorry you feel affronted by our little radio show. The political satire comprises a rather slender slice of what we do, but I can't argue with your feelings. I do however vigorously disagree with your suggestion that I am becoming cynical and that this is common with aging. You're wrong about that.

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