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Dear Garrison- I have enjoyed

September 28, 2004 |

Dear Garrison-

I have enjoyed you for well over 20 years, and I listen to your monologues when I fly which helps prevent panic/anxiety attacks. My favorite is the one about Bruno the fishing dog. Will you be at Town Hall in New York City again in December, as you have the past few years?

Priscilla Witte

I am going to try to remember not to do monologues in which people experience severe turbulence on flights. (Iím on a plane right now, from Seattle to Minneapolis, crossing the Rockies, and itís very smooth, thank you.) Bruno, as you may know, was based on a real dog who lived in Red Wing, Minnesota, twenty years ago, whose owners had a bed & breakfast there. As for Town Hall, we will do four shows there in April, 2005, and weíll spend December here in Minnesota. New York City is very festive at Christmas, but they donít get enough snow for my taste, and I want to spend Christmas in good old St. Paul with my relatives.

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