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Dear Garrison, I saw something

August 31, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
I saw something interesting today here in Ann Arbor, a Hyundai Elantra with a bumper Sticker, "LAKE WOBEGON, MINNESOTA." Next to it was one that said "BUSH/CHENEY '04."

Either your appeal is broader than people think, or theirs is...anyhow, I enjoy your show very much. I also support Bush.

J. Corey

Mr. Corey,
Thanks for the tip. My first thought is that the previous owner, a genteel bohemian dad with poofy hair and a Save The Owls t-shirt and hiking shorts and Birkenstocks, gave the car as a graduation gift to his conservative son who is trying to get the old guy riled up. But Iím glad you enjoy the show. So do I. And Iím intending to have a good time with it this fall in the midst of terror alerts and the onslaught of propaganda and the pissiness of politics in general. Doggone it, we live in a great country, and here we are doing a show in St. Paul, Minnesota, that folks in Iraq and Kuwait and Afghanistan listen to, and I want to give them a good time. And maybe one Saturday, John Kerry will come on and teach the President how to wind-surf.

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