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August 23, 2004 |

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We went to see your show in sunny Ocean Grove. Was that you outside the Great Auditorium strolling through the crowd? There was a tall person, wearing a hat and dark glasses, that looked suspiciously like you. If that was you, do you always check out the crowd before broadcast time?


I had supper before the show at a little lunchroom across the square from the Auditorium and then strolled through the crowd on my way back, but I donít wear dark glasses and very seldom a hat. So it must have been some other guy, one even more suspicious. No, I donít check out the audience beforehand, it would only make me feel terribly inadequate and depressed. I sit in the dressing room (which at Ocean Grove is small and comfy, with flowery wallpaper and wicker furniture, more like your Aunt Gladyís den than a dressing room, which by rights should be dim, windowless, with cinder-block walls and a concrete floor) and I stare at my notes and try to force them into my brain and I sometimes edit scripts and if Iím singing an original song, as I did at Ocean Grove, Iím pacing around singing it, trying to remember the melody and knowing I wonít. If you do the same show night after night after night, then you can mingle with the crowd, but a guy in my predicament has to bear down and focus.

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