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Hi, Garrison -- On May

August 3, 2004 |

Hi, Garrison --
On May 15 I was in hard labor with our first son, and about two hours before he was born I recall thinking, "Oh dear, I'm missing Garrison's monologue." Do you think this betrays misplaced priorities on my part? I should mention that I didn't have any pain medication, so I can't blame it on anesthesia.


Odd you should mention it. On May 15, during the show, I had a sudden thought, "I'm glad I'm doing the monologue and not experiencing waves of unbearable pain as strangers peer up into my crotch." I can't imagine what it's like to give birth and don't want to try. But my cousin who is an obstetrics nurse tells me that women in delivery are capable of going off their rockers (briefly) in surprising little ways ---- demure devout women coming out with bursts of wild profanity, for example. Your vagrant thought about Lake Wobegon was just a brief wistful urge to be somewhere else. And then you buckled down and with the help of your able husband telling you when to breathe and so forth, you brought forth your progeny. We'll just keep this a little secret between us.

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