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Hello Garrison, I'm a former

July 28, 2004 |

Hello Garrison,
I'm a former Fargoite, consumer of rhubarb pie, Lutheran, and caught your show here in Reno a few years back and noticed a Jaguar parked near the loading dock of the theater and the bus and truck. Would this be your vehicle for road trips? My experience with British cars is that they might be beautiful machines but are less than reliable for traveling about the country. What has been your experience? Any duct tape emergencies?


I've never driven a Jaguar in my life. It would scare me to death. Hertz in Boston offered me one once, in place of a Ford, and I shook my head. I'd get in one of those and fifteen minutes later I'd be screaming down the freeway at 150 mph and wind up as a steel sculpture on a bridge abutment. The bus wasn't ours either. On tour, we generally fly by Northwest Airlines and then ride in a 15-passenger van, the kind that a high-school girls' badminton team might use. The truck, however, is ours and that's driven by Russ Ringsak from Grafton, N.D. He's the one to talk to about duct tape.

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