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Dear Sir: I am an

July 27, 2004 |

Dear Sir:
I am an unregenerate Republican like the majority of people here in New Hampshire with the exception of my benighted colleagues and a few refugees from Massachusetts, but I went to your show in Gilford anyway, and now Iím wondering: what was Irene Bunsen doing at Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility? Clarence and Arlene are Lutheran, and I had always supposed that Clint and Irene were as well. Have I missed something? Has Irene had a religious epiphany? Please solve this mystery for me and let me get back to worrying about more substantive matters, such as how to keep the deer away from my garden and the fisher cats from eating the barn cats and the llamas safe from rabid foxes.

Thank you.
Deborah Watson

Irene is indeed a Lutheran. That is most certainly true. So if in fact, at the Gilford show, I put her in the Catholic church, it was a gaffe of the sort that sometimes strikes the panicky heart. Unless it was divine guidance of the sort that your President gets on a regular basis. He is a regenerate Republican and God speaks through him, or so we are told. He has never admitted to making a mistake, so far as I can tell. (George W., that is.) I wish you well with the garden and the llamas. Barn cats tend to in-breeding and the Lord may be sending the fisher cats to weed out the dimmer bulbs. But Irene is Lutheran.

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