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Dear Mr. Keillor, I am

July 21, 2004 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I am young, Republican and a fan of your show and as for those Republican folks who feel so compelled to complain about the political content of the show. It's such a shame that my party -- a party that was all about less government and letting people get on with their lives -- has become concerned about censoring TV and radio programs and telling people who they should marry. I work for a U.S. Senator, and I have contact with Republicans from our state all the time - and if ever there were people ripe for satire, they're it. Keep on doing what you're doing. When you do get political on your show, it's always funny and I love the show and look forward to Saturday nights every week.


Your plain decency and open-mindedness is a real challenge to my current biases about Republicans and you remind me of the Republicans I used to know, a sturdy and humorous bunch who enjoyed the give and take, especially if they had a cold beer in their hands. I don't consider complaints from listeners to be attempts at censorship, though, and rather enjoy the wittier ones, rare as they are. We don't do much that's political on the show, a little reference here and there. I'm afraid I'm too fearful and churned up over current events to try to be funny about them. So I leave them alone, as best I can. It's good enough to be good company, I think. One does not need to try to save the world every day. Sunday should be enough for that, and maybe some of Monday. Saturday, I think, should be a time to relax and put down the blunt weapons. Good luck to you, John, and I hope you're enjoying Washington life and your brush with history there at the Capitol.

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