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Mr Keillor - My mother,

July 16, 2004 |

Mr Keillor -
My mother, a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, says that "Prairie Home" is a cemetery. Just wondering if this is True or False, and if True, how you found it to name your show after?

And how can I get my parents tickets to your show in Moorhead? I'd like to say I listen to your show every week, but it's fishing season and I have 4k invested in fishing gear.


Your mother is telling the truth, of course, as undoubtedly she always has, and the Prairie Home cemetery near Concordia College was an inspiration to me back around 1970 when I went up there to do a reading and saw the wrought iron gate and immediately felt comforted by the thought of the prairie being our home, in this life and also afterward, and when I needed a name for the Saturday show, I remembered that. Your parents will surely be able to get tickets to our show up there in October ----- it's Concordia's homecoming weekend and surely alumnae and alumni will be given preference, unless they choose to go fishing. Four-thousand simoleons is a lot to spend on a rod and reel, Mark, but I guess you're grown up and know what you're doing. And when you teach a man to spend that much money on fishing, you certainly stimulate the economy.

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