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July 12, 2004 |

I am writing to compliment Garrison Keilor and Inga Swearingen on their duet on May 29 - "The water is wide, I cannot get o'er." The smooth gentle pairing of their complementary voices, and the harmony provided by Garrison, were beautiful. This piece was my favorite part of the entire program.

Thank you,
Kath Derr

You're awfully sweet to say so. Inga has a gorgeous voice, very fresh and evocative and note-perfect, and that's the sort of person you want to sing harmony to, someone who will carry you. She's studying choral direction and I don't know why ----- she ought to be making CDs and going around singing to big halls full of happy people. I am very agitated over this but these young people know their own minds, or think they do, and it's hard to tell them what to do. We'll have her on the show again in the fall, and again and again.

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