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Dear Garrison, My daughter, Karen,

July 7, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
My daughter, Karen, who learned about your show from her high school teacher, tried for two years to get me to listen to it, but I work a hundred-hour week 52 weeks a year, running a business and for me to set aside a time to sit and listen to the radio was not in the cards.

Then one day I was leaving to go to a funeral, driving for five hours each way in a bad snowstorm and she ran out to the car with cassette tapes of five hours of your show and it was the perfect companion for such a day and now I listen in on the Internet whenever I want and it keeps me more or less sane. The show has an easy wit that can unwind even the most tensly knotted up and overworked individual.

Bob Laing
Ontario, Canada

Dear Bob,
You're working too hard, pal. I'm glad if our show can help you unknot a little and you sure need to take more five-hour car trips but do more people have to die so that you can take time off to go to their funerals? This lovely daughter of yours is going to give you grandchildren and you want to be able to see them off to college and beyond. A hundred hours a week non-stop is a killer schedule. You didn't ask my advice, but you get it anyway for free. Get in that car and drive slowly to Vancouver and stay awhile and then drive back and while you're driving, think about what you want to do with the rest of your life ---- the life that cutting back on this ferocious tension-building schedule will afford you. Thanks for your note, too. I'm glad you like the show.

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