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Dear GK- Do you ever

July 2, 2004 |

Dear GK-
Do you ever think about doing a show at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA? My son plays football there. The college has a good-sized ballroom, and the history of the place is really fascinating.


Dear George,
Iíve visited the College a couple times and the battlefield five or six times and I know the new incoming president of the College, Kate Will, who used to be at Augustana in South Dakota and then at Whittier in California. But doing a show at Gettysburg would pretty much obligate me to talk about the Civil War and the battle, and a writer hates to be obligated. And I donít know enough about either to stand up and natter about them. I did a show on the other side of Washington D.C., Vienna, Virginia, home of Wolf Trap, and when you do a show in Vienna, you can talk about anything you want to, people donít expect you to sing Strauss waltzes or give out a recipe for wiener schnitzel, youíre free as a bird.

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