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Dear Garrison, I discovered your

June 14, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
I discovered your show when I moved to the US from France seven years ago, and would love to see the show live but apparently, there is something wrong with my San Francisco, because you never come to the city by the Bay.

What's wrong with SF? Worried about earthquakes? You've been to other geologically challenging places around. I can't think of a reason for you not to have a show here - can you enlighten me?


Ah my dear Manu,
I am in San Francisco so often that the doormen at the Huntington know me by name. I've done about six solo shows there in the past year, and a Conversation With Gary Snyder at the Herbst and another with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and in March my family and I vacationed in Alameda. No, Manu, the problem is with you ----- you're so engaged in the life of the city that you can't possibly notice a midwesterner coming through town (after all, you get thousands of them). Our little radio show sounds perfectly good on a Walkman tuned to KQED as you sit at Fort Mason and watch the kites and the sailboats flying by.

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