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Mr. Keillor, I've been stationed

June 7, 2004 |

Mr. Keillor,
I've been stationed on Balad Airbase in Iraq with my guard unit (F Company 106th Aviation) for one year and no end in sight (our orders stated we'd be home in October of last year, but Mr. Rumsfeld has seen fit to keep us a while longer).

I used to listen to your show every Saturday, back home in Illinois. My dear husband mailed a boxed set of four cassettes to me for Christmas, which was great. But they're getting repetitive.

Why not bring your show to Iraq? The USO sends Dallas cheerleaders, but that doesn't do much for the ladies stationed here.

If you'd like to visit, consider yourself invited.

Lucy Loftus

I imagine the USO knows what most of the troops want, and probably cheerleaders, starlets, country singers, hip-hop artists, and stand-up comics would rank well ahead of a dour old writer like me. I would only remind them of their English teachers.

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