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Mr. Keillor, It seems that

May 17, 2004 |

Mr. Keillor,
It seems that Lake Wobegon is full of not so above average inhabitants. Is there anyone hailing from your little town who really made a name for themselves? Certainly every town has its most famous citizen.

Amanda Calvert
St. Louis

We've produced many distinguished people but their accomplishments were equaled by their humility and so they didn't get the acclaim that went to the horn-honkers and flag-wavers. We did produce Wilbur Scott, the first man to fly solo the length of the Mississippi, and Rusty Hintges, the country-western singer, and Deloyd Magendanz, the daredevil snowmobiler, and Hector Timmy, the inventor of the grommet, and Willis Coates, who explored the Lower Rawalpindi archipelago, and Forrest Bunsen, the founder of Magnetic Christianity, but the real cream of Lake Wobegon were all the public servants who came out of there, folks in the Armed Services and Foreign Service, teachers, nurses, the list is long indeed. Those are the ones we're truly proud of. The anonymous achievers who do their duty without much ado.

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