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G.K. - It appears you

May 7, 2004 |

G.K. -
It appears you have been adding more and more activities to your schedule lately; Rhubarb tours, book tours, European tours, et al. Do you find yourself more aware of time as the years go by and thus,try to live more fully? Isn't it hard to be away from your family so much?

Enquiring minds want to know...


The European tour was for fun, and the book stuff is business, but the purpose of the Rhubarb tours and the solo shows is to learn the craft of performance, which if you donít keep working at it, you start to feel flat and feel that youíre cheating people. Itís good to walk out alone on a stage in front of a big crowd and take a deep breath and start talking. It is intense exercise, especially for a writer. I did this tonight in downtown Little Rock and had a good outing and so (one hopes) the show next Saturday will be a little looser. Last Saturday in Duluth was better as a result of having done St. Louis and Spokane the week before. If I spend the week sitting at a desk, which ordinarily I do, itís harder to do the show.

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