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Mr. Keillor: I am wondering

May 5, 2004 |

Mr. Keillor:
I am wondering about the silence on the part of primary NPR journalists and long-standing hosts of other shows in regards to Bob Edwards' dismissal from "Morning Edition." Won't you weigh in on this? Is everyone at NPR under contract to not speak out? Are the other hosts not allowed to have a voice in this? It is the most distressing thing that has happened in my lifetime of listening to NPR and there seems to be a wall of silence and carefully scripted letters on the part of administration.

Linda Watson

I don't work for NPR and I haven't spoken up simply because I'm ignorant about what goes on at NPR and because it's natural for programs to change and because I suspect that this could be a great thing for Bob Edwards. Bob has been on the morning shift for a quarter-century and it's a tough shift. He's a hero. I hope he takes some time off and writes a book and enjoys his mornings. Bob will be on PHC on May 29, acting in a Guy Noir drama, and I'll bet you when he's introduced he gets a huge ovation.

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