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Dear Garrison, One of my

May 3, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
One of my favorite monologues was the one where you talked about what you do when you get a chest cold. After rubbing Vicks Vapo-Rub on your chest and neck, a thick woolen athletic sock is wrapped around the neck (with the heel in front pointing down) and the sock is secured in back with a big safety pin. Then you get in bed with a good book and don't move for days, while someone who loves you brings hot chicken broth.

I grew up in Minnesota and remember how nice it was to get sick and follow this home remedy.


I was driving along the coast of California a few weeks ago and smelled eucalyptus and immediately remembered the comfort of Vicks. School was stressful for someone who wasnít very smart and a cold came as a great comfort. Now that I am older and am the principal and not the pupil and thus able to conceal my inadequacies better, I donít enjoy illness nearly so much. Itís the luxury of children. By the way, the joke show forgot to include:

Knock knock.
Whoís there?
Eucalyptus who?
Eucalyptus hair too short.

That is all.

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