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Dear Mr. Keillor: I love

April 28, 2004 |

Dear Mr. Keillor:
I love your show, but sometimes I worry about us fans out here in radioland and wonder if we're really holding up our end of the bargain to the best of our respective abilities. It isn't easy being a member of the Prairie Home Companion Listening Audience, and it isn't to be taken lightly. How can we better fulfill our responsibilities in this role?


We would feel lucky to have ten listeners, let alone the hundreds we do have, and we are amazed that, with cable TV and golf channels and cooking shows and the panoply of entertainment available, anyone listens to the radio at all. You seem to be in good health, and not in assisted living, so I assume youíre able to get around and go to movies and such. So Iím tickled pink that you opt to spend fifteen or twenty minutes listening to our old radio show. The responsibilities are all mine, sir. Of course you should donate money to your local public radio station which depends on this for their sustenance. You should do this frequently and often. But do not worry about us Wobegonians. We feel lucky to be here and not in an adult correctional facility, and thatís the truth, Ruth.

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