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Dear Host: I remember, many

April 2, 2004 |

Dear Host:
I remember, many years ago, that the Cafe Boeuf existed in the world of PHC. What happened? Did all the anti-French protests shut it down? Also, with Guy Noir, you used to sing the theme song ("He's smooth, he's cool...") and then it disappeared. Will it ever be sung over the airwaves again?


Dear Richard,
Rich Dworsky wrote that Guy Noir theme and there's an odd flatted jazz note at the end that I, with my Sanctified Brethren ear, simply cannot get. So I won't sing the song, but maybe someone else will. Cafe Boeuf is still with us, though. Still offering the title entree as well as pigeon kidneys and trout throats and other delicacies, and still bravely resisting the nation's no-smoking laws.

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