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Sir: Last night I got

March 31, 2004 |

Last night I got to page 373 of "Lake Wobegon Days" and read your "95 Theses 95" manifesto. I laughed so hard I was just about shrieking. My cats jumped off the bed and hid! Thank goodness I wasn't on an airplane. Did the editor of the Wobegon "Herald Star" ever find those missing three pages? And did you ever play Curly in "Oklahoma!"? (thesis 89) God Bless You!


I never got asked to play Curly because I can't dance a bit and I'm not good looking enough for Laurey to fall in love with. Gordon MacRae nailed that part in the movie, and now my daughter likes to watch it because she and I love the title song, especially the "We know we belong to the land" part with the whoops. Last month, at a show in Asheville, N.C., just because the caterer was a woman named Laurey Masterton, I got the whole audience to sing that and do the whoops and spell out O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a. As for the missing three pages, yes, he did find them, and I suppose if there's ever a new edition of the book, I should stick them in.

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