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Dear Garrison Keillor, My family

March 22, 2004 |

Dear Garrison Keillor,
My family and I have been listening to your show for a very long time and I really enjoy it! Thanks to you, traveling in the car is a very happy experience. I always enjoy it when Tim Russell does George Bush! My younger sister sings along with ketchup songs while my dad goes hysterical over the stories you tell.

--Sophie, 11

Dear Sophie,
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't listen to the show much myself, since I'm almost never driving in a car on Sunday morning when it's rebroadcast here, but I can imagine it could be fun. If you had a two-hour car trip from, say, Duluth to Minneapolis, the show would brighten those freeway miles. Unless you're the host of the show (me) and you listen to it and you think, Yikes! Why did I say that! There are quite a few Yikes! parts in a broadcast and if I were in the car with you guys, I could point them out, but I won't. I'm just glad you're having a good time. Don't forget to buckle up and if your dad gets really hysterical, tell him to pull over and stop. Soon you will be driving and he'll be sitting in the passenger seat and then he can get hysterical about your driving.

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