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Mr Keillor: Since your Hyde

February 27, 2004 |

Mr Keillor:
Since your Hyde shoes are no longer available, I suggest the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. The high tops offer good ankle bracing, and they're very lightweight and lend themselves well to Dr Scholl inserts if your arches have fallen. What's more, they're widely available and only $30 a pair! And now they'll think you're playing basketball instead of going bowling, but with your height you could fake it, I think.


my arches are as arch as ever, even though I don't sink that 15-foot jumper the way I used to. I am not sure that a man my age should go out onstage in basketball shoes. It strikes me as eccentric, something that Professor Irwin Corey might do, or Ralph Nader, or one of those other dotty old men. I ought to be wearing black wingtips. The problem is that, when you're used to sneakers, they feel like lead weights and that makes you feel ten years older. It's a choice between heaviness and goofiness. I don't know which way to go. Maybe there's a canvas shoe that looks like leather.

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