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Garrison My family and I

February 25, 2004 |

My family and I loved listening to the Valentine day show, especially our children (7yrs and 5yrs). But during the rock and roll music portion I had to explain why the guy wanted to unbutton the girl's dress. An awkward moment indeed but all was saved by the age old saying, "who wants ice cream?"


Oh dear. Sorry, Matt. It's a narrow line we walk and sometimes we fall off. Sometimes we fall way off. I don't know how to do a children's show and I don't want to do a show that excludes children. But the line about unbuttoning was a little too explicit. Instead, I could've had the guy sit and breathe heavily. But then you'd have to explain that. I don't know what to tell you. All those different people listening to the show, many of whom are so entirely different from the others, and inevitably we trip over ourselves. But thank goodness for ice cream.

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