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Dear Mr. Keillor, I took

February 23, 2004 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I took my 17 year old son to see your show in Florence, SC. We had a
wonderful evening! It was fun to see my sooo cool son laugh hysterically. As a teacher, I also enjoyed your comments on schools and kids. My question- with family and travel and rehearsals and shows, how do you find time for writing?


Glad that Mr. Cool enjoyed the show in Florence. That was only the second show I've done on a hockey rink and that in itself was pretty cool. As for writing, I've learned to fit it into the cracks and carry around a notebook and jot things down and to be able to sit in an airport or a hotel lobby or the backseat of a van and tap away on the laptop. The best time for writing is early in the morning and I have that all to myself, since musicians don't rise early and my daughter is up and off to school around 8. Some mornings I wake up at 4 and hop up and get three hours of perfect peaceful time and that's all a person needs. Work can be squeezed into the time available. If I had a whole week empty, it'd take me 100 hours to write the radio show, but if there's only ten hours, then that's how long it takes.

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