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Garrison, Just got through listening

February 19, 2004 |

Just got through listening (and watching) your show from Spartanburg. That's the first time I've watched via the Internet. What a treat! Isn't technology great! I've been a fan of the show for too many years to count. It was great to hear Doc Watson again. And you were in good voice tonight -- nobody does those Elvis songs any better. (Is that like writing "The captain was sober today"?) When it comes time to repeat some shows, you have my permission to go back more than 2 years. The re-broad of Willie Nelson from Nov. '85 was really appreciated. Anyway I wish us all many, many more years together!

—Iowa Fan

Dear Iowa,
Thanks, you're sweet to say so. Doc is a walking wonder of the world, eighty years old and blind but just as quick and agile and good-humored as when I first encountered him forty years ago. And his voice is even richer and more melodious. I need to have him come back on the show and sit and talk more. We'll try that next year. Maybe we should do the show from his living room. Let him be the host and I'll just do the occasional Elvis ballad. And wasn't Sam Bush fine? He is a great musician and entertainer and brings such intensity and energy to everything he does. And of course, standing next to me, he seems even more intense and energetic. That is my true gift: being a straight man.

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