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Dear Garrison, I appreciate your

February 13, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
I appreciate your talent but was disappointed in last week's Duct Tape Council "commercial". I thought it was tastless and crude humor. I hope you'll keep up your shows for many years to come--but I also hope you'll lose the distasteful bathroom jokes.


Sorry but the duct tape commercial isn't exactly what I'd call a bathroom joke. The young man had to go to the bathroom and in his rush, he tore his pants and, lacking duct tape to repair them, fell into a series of terrible misfortunes that put him in jail for thirty years. He only ripped his pants. He could have ripped them on a branch of a tree or the corner of a dining room chair; I had him rip them in a bathroom. But there were no bodily functions portrayed. If it is tasteless to rip your pants, then I guess everybody is guilty of it.

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