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Dear Garrison, I just got

February 6, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
I just got back from New Orleans. My husband of almost 23 years (Feb 14), surprised me with tickets to the show, airline reservations, and three nights at a hotel. It was all the more special, because he usually prefers sports or an adventure show on tv, to your show. You are so much more animated during the show than I had imagined.


Dear Carolee,
You are married to a sweet man indeed. If my wife were a huge
football fan and needed to see the Super Bowl in person, I guess I could
manage it, but it would be a large undertaking, psychologically. (In real life, my wife is an opera lover, and that's no problem for me at all.) As for animation, I've recently had a nerve transplant to make me livelier and smilier and I'm glad to hear it's working. Hope you got enough to eat in New Orleans too. I got some boudin flan, which is a novelty.

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