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Dear Friends, A listener inquired

January 27, 2004 |

Dear Friends,
A listener inquired kindly about the shoes I wear on stage and I told her that they were Hyde Brooklyn Bowlers, a classic black leather shoe, and that Harry's in New York doesn't stock them anymore and so I am planning to retire when this pair wears out and become a Benedictine novice. Daddy needs shoes!

Countless of you sent me helpful e-mails about where to find the Brooklyn Bowler shoe and almost all of you directed me to eBay where indeed there are a couple hundred pairs for sale, many of them brown or red, many of them ladies' shoes, and the men's shoes are either size 10 or size 15. I am neither. Apparently this fabulous old shoe has vanished from the stores and is no more. How can this happen? I don't know. I am looking at my options. Meanwhile, thanks for all your help, useless as it was.

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