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Dear Garrison, While watching last

January 21, 2004 |

Dear Garrison,
While watching last Saturday's webcast from here in the UK, sacrificing a fine night at the pub to hear the news from Lake Wobegon, I noticed you were wearing a fine pair of sensible shoes. May I ask where you got them? My dad's birthday is coming up.

Dear Anne,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are the first person to comment favorably on my shoes, and you've made my day. Most people look at them and say, "You going bowling?" They're terrifically comfortable, which is the main thing to a guy my age ---- when you're young, you can clomp around in cowboy boots, ten-pound wingtips, sandals, concrete blocks, anything, but in your Mature Years you only want comfort. They're black leather with rubber soles and I wear them with white laces and they look like athletic shoes, which maybe they are. I wear them everywhere, on stage, to black-tie affairs, to my daughter's school, carrying out the garbage, etc. They're in good shape after almost two years of constant use. The brand name is Hyde, they're Made in China, I bought them at Harry's on Broadway (around 82nd) in New York, and Harry's doesn't stock them anymore. I don't know who does. I'd give anything to own about six more pair. Let me know if you find some.

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