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Garrison, I must confess to

January 8, 2004 |

I must confess to being an 'on again/off again' supporter of public radio and I wonder if big donors demand more time with you—as in churches the more affluent members seem to expect more attention of the pastor? My family and I met you after a concert in Berkeley a few years back (the "First Annual Post-Millenium Tour", I think). You stood and talked with us, were very cordial, authographed stuff, and never asked about our past pledge history.

Just curious.
—Tim N.

I remember meeting you in Berkeley—the handsome sort of brown-haired guy of medium height, right? ---- and my staff brought me up to date on your giving patterns beforehand and we discussed it and felt that you were in some financial difficulty due to your emu ranch investment and also the trips to Palm Springs with your wife. (Her name is Fawn, right?) But next time we meet, I'm planning to have a serious talk with you, so don't bring the kids.

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