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Do you Laugh?

December 8, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I've been listening to PHC for 20 years and never used to hear you laugh. You've been the Compleat Straight Man. Now scarcely a show passes without a chuckle from you. Is this a change in corporate policy? your heart? Whatever it is, it is refreshing - and good for your dark Lutheran soul. Maybe you should join the Unitarians. We laugh a lot.
— Joy

Dear Joy,
That may be Tim Russell you hear and he may only be clearing his throat. Or it could be me. I don't remember getting carried away like that, but it could happen. As for Lutherans, they laugh more often than you might think. But laughter is a nervous reaction to being surprised, and it's hard to be surprised when you know as much as most Lutherans do.

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