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Spartanburg Tickets, also Murder Ballads

December 7, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I was disappointed that your upcoming broadcast from Spartanburg, SC is already sold out. Could I come and play banjo and sing "Omie Wise" on the show in exchange for admission?

Also, did you notice the irony in your December 6 broadcast where in
your "News from Lake Wobegon" you complained about "horrible arrangements" of Christmas songs, "trying to make them sound like Glenn Miller" then shortly thereafter proceeded with an arrangement of "Jingle Bells" that sounded like you were trying to make it sound like Glenn Miller or something.
— Glen

Dear Glen,
I don't want murder ballads on our Spartanburg show on February 14. Do you know any love songs? As for last Saturday's comments, I was referring to Christmas carols, such as "Away In A Manger" and "Silent Night," the carols my daughter sang at her Christmas program last week, and not Christmas pop songs like "Jingle Bells". But perhaps you knew that and are simply being ironic. I don't detect irony so well now that I'm in my twilight years.

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