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Christmas in Minnesota

December 4, 2003 | 1 Comment

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I am traveling to Minnesota for the Christmas vacation with my beautiful St. Paul native fiancee, Sharen. I am a Texas boy, and have never seen snow of any nature; naturally, I'm a little apprehensive. Are there any other surprises or hints I should know about
concerning Christmas in Minnesota?
-- Luke

Dear Luke,
You're going to love it. Get yourself a pair of long johns --- that Dallas department store, Needless Markup, has silken ones for a couple hundred bucks, or you can buy cotton ones from Target for $6.99 --- and a stocking cap and gloves, and go out for a walk in the moonlight. It'll make a poet out of you if you aren't one already. Or early morning, as the sun comes up. Go sliding in Highland Park on the big hill or at Como Park. Get yourself into a broomball game, on ice, wearing overshoes. Winter will heighten your senses, intensify your relationship with Sharen, make indoors seem even more wonderful, make you feel like a hero. It is the most beautiful time of year. If you don't like winter in Minnesota, then don't tell me about it, it would break my heart.

1 Comment

i am curious as to whether there has been a collection of lake wobegon christmas stories. i have several cd's that receive quite a bit of play, but the christmas themed bits are scattered. i can not believe that this wouldn't be quite popular with your fans.

thank you for all the joy you have brought and still bring to so many for so long.


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