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Kids in the audience

December 2, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I was six years old when my step-father Louie made me listen to your show when we went driving and I felt obliged to sit silently, arms crossed, and scowl out the window. Once I was tired of acting angry I would find myself enjoying the show though I couldn't admit that to Louie at the time. Now I'm an adult and I continue to tune in at every opportunity.


You were a precocious six-year-old if you enjoyed our show and good for Louie for recognizing that. Not all kids go for kiddie shows; some kids like adult stuff. We love to see kids in the audience. One thing kids get to hear on our show is live, unsweetened, unprocessed music—music as it sounds as musicians make it, not the studio gumbo, a useful thing to recognize. And we try to tell stories with some darkness in them. We try to go light on sexual innuendo, we skip the profanity, we avoid name dropping, and we never pass up a chance for somebody to drop a plate or be chased by a dog. Hope your Christmas in Swansea is all it should be.

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