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Fowl in the Audience

November 2, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
My two pet ducks and I have listened to your show for years. I bring the radio outside while I am working in the yard and we all listen in. Often the ducks will come stand right next to the radio while you are talking. This past summer I acquired two baby chickens and when I bring out the radio they get all excited. Last weekend we were, as usual, listening to A Prairie Home Companion when little chicken Scratch went into her nest and laid her very first egg! A very special moment for all of us at home and something I thought you would like to know about.
— Donna

It's good to know we have some fowl in the audience. Most ducks and chickens are locked up in penitentiaries and only allowed to listen to Clear Channel, and I'm glad if yours might be stimulated by our show to be productive. That's a good reason to be in the show business, is to encourage production.

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