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October 2, 2003 |

Dear Sir:
I listen to your radio show through my computer, using headphones, during my lunch break at work, the boss probably thinks I'm working, because as I listen I correspond with a dear friend on line. No matter. I can't seem to get your show on my radio, unless I'm driving on a particular stretch of Rt. 17 though I did catch it once returning from Buffalo. I had been driving for four hours and was pretty bored, but your radio show really livened up the last hour or so. The radio programing these days just gets worse all the time. So now instead of only a boring PB&J for lunch I add your program and I get a smile and a laugh and some good music with my PB &J. Of course it takes a couple of days to listen to a whole show, but what the hell, I have to eat lunch every day all week long. Hang in there fella, my best to you and your whole Radio bunch there.
— Cliff

You must live in a mountainous region, and when you pass through the dales, or vales, or dells, or hollers, or whatever you call them, the signal is lost. (No problem here in Minnesota, by the way, we can get Little Rock and Salt Lake and Pittsburgh.) I certainly admire a man who can listen to a radio show, write a letter, and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the same time, while appearing to be working. But there's nothing like the pleasure of tuning in a real radio show on a long car trip. Makes me want to take more car trips.

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