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August 9, 2003 |

Dear Garrison:

Are you considering making peace with any former Minnesota governors? Is it possible an appearance on the show would soften Jesse Ventura's heart and amuse the audience? Whenever I look at the man I think there is a sketch comedian waiting to burst through his skin.

Bill Colley
Marcellus, New York

Bill, whenever I look at the governor I think that he is just about to hit somebody with a folding chair. The comedians I know are pretty genial guys and Jesse is famous around Minnesota for being up-tight about the smallest things. If we invited him on the show, we'd have to meet with his staff to discuss where he'd park his Porsche, who'd park next to him, who would be allowed to stand near him in the wings, and what color gels would be on his spotlight. It would wear us out.

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