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Dear Prudence

August 8, 2003 |

Whatever happened to Prudence Johnson? Her rendition of "I Cover the Waterfront" on PHC was one of the most memorable musical performances on radio, in my opinion. As a friend of mine remarked, "she has a voice like a saxophone." And, as you remarked, her singing could make grown men pull their cars over to the curb to sit and listen.

J. McFadden
Overland Park, Kansas

Dear J.,

Prudence has had a fine career, recorded some terrific albums, including one of Greg Brown songs, did some time in Nashville, came back to Minnesota, and from what I hear, is still singing great and following her own artistic beam wherever it leads. She could do you an hour of Ellington and then an hour of Hank Williams and come back with an hour of lullabies. She covers the waterfront.

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