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Lake Wobegon Summer, 1956

August 7, 2003 |

Dear Garrison,

How closely do the characters in Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 resemble the people you actually grew up around?

Thank you,
Susan Kenstler

Susan, I don't want to make life any more difficult for the people I grew up with than it already is. Those people are in their 60s now, and becoming fragile and saggy and weary, and the last thing they need is for their old author pal to finger them as the kid who laughed until tapioca came out of his nose. That kid is now a grandpa. So is the kid who taught me the 10 varieties of farts. He is retired and has grandkids and a wall full of plaques for various things and should not have to be reminded of his wayward youth. I grew up with boys who all were humorists and gradually the others have gotten out of the business. I ain't telling you nuthin, copper.

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