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English Major Bits

August 6, 2003 |


I was wondering if you ever considered compiling a collection of your "English Major" bits. I love them. They are brilliant. In fact, I, too, am an English major currently expanding my repertoire of life experience and material in my current profession as a childcare worker/secretary. Only until I complete my novel, screenplay, and anthology of humorous anecdotes extracted from the drudgery of daily life, of course.

Lisa Robertson
Lubbock, Texas

Hey Lisa, the world has enough collections right now and doesn't need that one. If you like, we can collect all the English Major stuff and put it on the Web site and you can scroll through and read it for free. One good reason not to put it in a book is that you'd peruse them and think, "Hmmm, they're not as brilliant as I thought." Radio gives the illusion of brilliance, and that's one more good reason to go into it. Whenever I start to think I'm brilliant, I go back to work on my screenplay. Good luck on yours and enjoy those children.

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