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Jack's Auto Repair

May 10, 2003 |

What ever happened to "Jack's Auto Repair"? Did you go out of business?

Thomas Quinn

Thomas, Jack's Auto Repair moved out of Lake Wobegon due to Jack's antipathy to most of his clientele who disapproved of his Vargas calendars and his playing Cannonball Adderley albums so loud so late at night. And his White Owl cigars. And his white shoes. He moved closer to Minneapolis, thinking he'd get into the city often for dinner and dancing at Murray's, but as a man gets older, his urge to dine late at night and dance afterwards seems to diminish. So Jack has become a major TV viewer instead, an aficionado of old movies, and he isn't much interested in radio these days. He's become something of a recluse, holed up in his back bedroom, propped up on pillows, tuned in to the Film Noir festival, and getting more and more acerbic by the minute. An feisty old man. We sort of miss him but not enough to want to ask him back.

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