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A remote area in the Middle East

May 9, 2003 |

Dear Sir,
I am a Navy Hospital Corpsman stationed in a remote area in the middle East where I have access to a computer that makes it possible to listen to your show, which I haven't been able to listen to since November. I am so happy to hear all of you that I could cry!!! Just want to thank all of you for making my day. Sincerely,

Karen M. Reyes
Inshore Boat Unit 22

Hi Karen, glad to know you’re at the other end. All is well back here, it’s spring, and the lilacs are about to bloom, and the good people of Lake Wobegon are about to plunge into gardening. All sorts of people are mad at me, it seems, and write often to tell me about it, and I’m glad you’re not. That’s all. Hope the Navy appreciates you, too.

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