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14-year-old crisis

May 7, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I am a fourteen-year old girl who is having a crisis. I am torn between childhood and teenage years and don’t know what music to listen to. Should I listen to hard rock and death metal, or should I follow my old sweet tastes and listen to classical and not get in trouble?

Du Bois, CA

Cecile, In your private moments, classical music gives you the freedom of your own mind. You listen to the Bach cello suites or the Chopin impromptus or those Handel organ concerti and it stimulates your mind to think its own thoughts. Bach is a form of meditation. When you’re with your pals, of course, you want to be listening to death music, in order to kill conversation, but in your private moments, classical music is kinder to your soul. It has nothing to do with not getting into trouble. It has to do with freedom of imagination.

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