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Hockey Fans

May 2, 2003 |

Mr. Keillor,
My question was brought to mind by a hockey playoff game I am watching. How do Wobegonians feel about having the Minnesota Wild around? Are they hockey fans at all? Are you?

Arlington, VA

Julie, I’m a University of Minnesota hockey fan because my interest in hockey diminishes with the arrival of spring. This is due to growing up in olden times when hockey was played outdoors. You laced up your skates in a warming house and ventured out with stick in hand and you scuffled around on rough ice for a few hours until you had no feeling in your toes and then you thawed out, an exquisite pain, and went back and repeated the experience. When March arrived, it was all over and you turned your mind to other things. My mind still turns to other things when the weather warms up, and even though the Wild is huge and on the front page of the paper, my mind doesn’t follow.

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